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Call QuickBooks Support for resolving User queries & any type of error codes and doubts. A well versed team is present which is capable of resolving simple to complex problems related to execution of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software. It is common to encounter doubts & errors related to –

  • setting invoice due date in quickbooks
  • resolving error codes like QuickBooks error code 21
  • recording negative opening balance in quickbooks
  • setting up of Quickbooks remote saas
  • Setting up reverse payroll in Quickbooks
  • Resolving hardware and software compatibility, and many more doubts and errors

Get QuickBooks Technical Support for the above common execution protocols as well as any other doubt you encounter while using the software. The support team has a high expertise in detailed functioning of the QuickBooks and is ready to solve your problems 24*7 with a long term positive impact on the user experience. Call at 1-800-593-0163 today.

Is Your QuickBook Accounting Software Run Slowly in Multi-user Mode| Call @ 1-800-593-0163


Sometimes, you might have noticed that QuickBooks Run Slowly in Multi-User Mode when it is trying to open a large company file. This would definitely prolong the work of the user and he/she may encounter few glitches like slow speed of use. Generally speaking, during such circumstances, QuickBooks takes a lot time to open or involves such similar kind of behavior.

For fixing this issue, we must first understand the correct diagnoses of the problem. It might be happening due to too many users accessing on the single module at the exact same time. Moreover, the size of the data file might be more than required to be processed by the system.

It can also be a result of slow computer on which the data file is located. You must also check whether or not there is a large report running in data files like Transaction report which has more than 32,000 targets. QuickBooks Run Slowly in Multi-User Mode If you are using defective Network Interface Card (NIC) or your card can be slow.

Know How to Fix QuickBooks Running Slowly in Multi-User Mode issue!

The first and the foremost step is to start decreasing the date ranges on a big report. You also need to start using only one module at a time and decrease the number of people using it. Make sure to save the data file on the fastest computer system on the network. Adjustments must be made to replace the Network Interface Card. For more help on this issue, you can use the following protocol;

In the search option, write ‘performance’ and click on the green arrow

From QuickBooks choose the ‘help’ menu and select Search

Select ‘Improve Performance’ in the multi-user mode

We all know that multiple users can access the Company file at the same time in multi-user mode. Such circumstances can contribute to a minimal decrease in the performance of QB. For obtaining the best performance, The QuickBooks software and its server should never be on the same system where your Company file is stored. If you want that your QB should give you consistently good performance then you should select a system which is not used for any other activity or work. Memory, processor and disk space of your computer should match the specifications provided in your QuickBooks reference guide.

We believe that this diagnostic and error fixing protocol will definitely fix the QuickBooks Running Slowly in Multi-User Mode issue. In case you encounter further problem with your software, you can always call on the QuickBooks support Phone number 1-800-593-0163 for quick response and query resolution.

Call @ 1-800-593-0163 To Fix QuickBooks Error 15240

quickbooks error support


While updating the QuickBooks Payroll, users may regularly encounter the issue of QuickBooks Error 15240 which may obstruct the task. While working on QuickBooks Payroll, it is necessary for users to update to attain the benefits of the new feature and this error will not allow doing so.

What are the main reasons behind QuickBooks Error 15240 & are there any ideas to tackle the purpose of this error efficiently?

 Causes due to the QuickBooks Error 15240

There are several reasons which allow this error to pop out and they are classified as follows:

  1. Payroll Updates: As mentioned earlier, this error usually occurs when the system fails to download the QuickBooks payroll updates which may arise due to poor internet connectivity or crashed system. An error message will come up depicting the error for the same.
  2. Firewall Settings: This error may also occur due to change firewall settings which may not allow downloading the newest update. The change in firewall settings blocks all the necessary files considering it as a threat to the system.
  3. Date and Time Settings: Users might encounter this error when they deliberately change the settings of date and time. Due to this, they might face this error while deciding to update the QuickBooks Payroll.

 Effects of the QuickBooks Error 15240

  • Due to this error, users might face multiple issues in updating QuickBooks Payroll and listed as below:
  • New Features and Updates: This error might cost users with the latest updates which may include bug-free approach. Hence, it will be a disadvantage for those users who frequently use QuickBooks Payroll.
  • Software: This error may result in improper functioning of the software which may affect the work as well as time management.

 Solutions to the QuickBooks Error 15240

There are many ways to fix this error problem, and these are as follows:

QuickBooks Administrator: It is advisable for users to switch their preference as an Administrator. Users need to click on Run as Administrator after right-clicking the QuickBooks icon.

Date and Time Settings: Users need to crosscheck whether the given date and time is correct or not. For that, they need first to select the time display along with the system tray. After this step, they need to click on Change date and time settings.

 Adding Windows Permission: Users need to follow these steps for adding the permission to the QuickBooks Installation folders. These are as follows:

 Close the QuickBooks Desktop.

There, they should navigate the address C:\ Program Files\ and then select Properties by right-clicking the Intuit Folder.

Users should then ensure to click on the Security tab and then advanced button. After that, they need to check whether the owner of the Intuit folder should be the User group for claiming the ownership of the folder.

After that, users must try and download the update.

 Internet Explorer Settings: Users must check and verify the setting by following the below procedure:

 Click Internet Options given on the tools menu.

Users need to select the advanced tab.

Then they should select SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0.

Users should then click on apply and ok.

Third-party Firewall: Users must ensure that the firewall accepts the qbw32.exe and qbupdate.exe files for the quick update. Also, they must ensure that ports 80 and 443 aren’t disabled. For further settings regarding QuickBooks Payroll, they must consult the third-party firewall.


Users must follow the above steps wisely to fix the QuickBooks error 15240. Users may take help from Intuit QuickBooks Community Forum given in the official site. For any other queries, they can contact QuickBooks Technical Support at 1-800-593-0163.

QuickBooks Support Number For Instant Assistance| Call 1-800-593-0163


QuickBooks is an amazing accounting software which is used to optimize and make accounting functions easy and effective. However, if you encounter any error or problem in using the software you can dial the QuickBooks support number and get a prompt response to your query immediately. One of the commom errors which users encounter is the QB error code: (-6177, 0).

“QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file. Before you can open the company file from your computer you must first open the company file on the computer where the company file is located. (-6177, 0).”

In this blog we will discuss the 3 steps by which you can resolve this error and get back to using the software. However, if you are not able to resolve it on your own you can always call on the QuickBooks support number 1-800-593-0163. The three steps are:

• Moving the file to the local hard drive.

• Resolving the error -6177, 0 manually.

• Resolve the error by QuickBooks file doctor.

Moving the file to the local hard drive

Place the file from the server in the local C drive. After this you will need to Open this file in QuickBooks via the C drive and make a transferable file to save it to the C drive. Now Close the company file and Restore the transferable file from the C drive to save it to the server. Lastly just Open the company file from the server only after closing the company file.

Resolving the error manually

Go to the computer which has your company file(s) and close QuickBooks Desktop. Delete the Network Descriptor and Configure the QuickBooks Database Manager. Examine the company file access permissions in Windows in the Set up folder permissions. If the complete application is installed on the server then you have to turn hosting off and on and after that Open the company file via local path for creating a new folder.

Use of the QuickBooks File doctor

Downloading and then running the QuickBooks file doctor will help you have a strong diagnostic test and then subsequent error resolution. The QuickBooks file doctor will automatically scan every file accessable and will tell you the root cause of it. You can download the QuickBooks file doctor from “QuickBooks File Doctor: Fix your company file or network (US, CA, and UK)”.

The above protocols would help you to resolve the Quickbooks error -6177,0. Just in case you find trouble in executing the above steps, you can always call on the QuickBooks support Number 1-800-593-0163. This is will help you to get in touch with one the most experienced and sound accounting professionals who have in depth expertise in dealing with accounting errors related to QuickBooks software.

Downloading and then running the QuickBooks file doctor will help you have a strong diagnostic test and then subsequent error resolution. The QuickBooks file doctor will automatically scan every file accessable and will tell you the root cause of it. You can download the QuickBooks file doctor from “QuickBooks File Doctor: Fix your company file or network (US, CA, and UK)”.

The above protocols would help you to resolve the Quickbooks error -6177,0. Just in case you find trouble in executing the above steps, you can always call on the QuickBooks support Number 1-800-593-0163. This is will help you to get in touch with one the most experienced and sound accounting professionals who have in depth expertise in dealing with accounting errors related to QuickBooks software.

Call Quickbooks Phone Number 1-800-593-0163 And Know How To Set Up A Retirement Plan Deduction & Company Contribution In Quickbooks


In this article you will learn how to set up a retirement plan deduction and company contribution in Quickbooks. To know more call on Quickbooks phone number.

Intuit Online Payroll/Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants

• Go to Setup.

• Select Deductions / Contributions under Payroll.

• Choose Add a New Deduction/Contribution.

• Select Retirement Plans for category.

• Select the applicable retirement plan for type.

• To name the payroll deduction/contribution item, enter the name of the provider or plan.

• Select OK.

• Make sure you are mapping this item in your export settings if you are exporting to your accounting software.

Intuit Online Full Service Payroll

Contact Quickbooks phone number for assistance.

QuickBooks Online Payroll/QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll

• Click on the gear icon present at the top

• Select Payroll Settings.

• Select Deductions / Contributions under payroll.

• Choose Add a New Deduction/Contribution.

• Select Retirement Plans for category.

• Select the applicable retirement plan for type.

• Submit the name of the plan or provider.

• Select OK.

Assign a retirement plan deduction or contribution to an employee

Intuit Online Payroll/Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants

• Go to Employees.

• Choose the name of the employee.

• In the Deductions & Contributions section, select edit.

• Click on Add new deduction or contribution.

• Choose deduction/contribution.

• Under the Employee Deduction and/or Company Contribution enter the amount per period.

• Select Save.

• Click OK.

Intuit Online Full Service Payroll

Contact on Quickbooks phone number for assistance.

QuickBooks Online Payroll/QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll

• From the left menu select workers

• Select Employees.

• Choose the name of the employee.

• In the Pay section, select the pencil icon. Scroll down to thedeductions section and then click on the pencil icon.

• Click on Retirement Plans under Deduction/Contribution type and then choose the type of Retirement plan you want.

• Submit the name of the provider and the amount paid per period.

• Select Done.

Remove a retirement plan deduction for an employee

Intuit Online Payroll/Intuit Online for Accountants

• Go to Employees.

• Choose the name of the employee.

• In the Deductions & Contributions section select edit.

• To the right of the deduction, click on the trash can icon to remove.

• To complete removal of the deduction select confirm.

Intuit Online Full Service Payroll

Contact us for Assistance

QuickBooks Online Payroll/QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll

• From the left menu, select workers

• Select Employees.

• Choose the name of the employee.

• Beside Pay, select the pencil icon.

• Scroll down to the deduction section and then select the trash can icon.

• Click OK to confirm.

Please note: By removing a deduction you are not deleting the previously deducted amounts from the paycheck records of an employee.

To know more on how to set-up a retirement plan deduction and company contribution in Quickbooks call on quickbooks phone number 1-800-593-0163. Also, you can write us at info@quickbookpayrollsupports.com. Feel free to reach us anytime; our team of executives is 24/7 available at your service. For more information visit, https://www.quickbookpayrollsupports.com.

The Most Efficient Way to Order Of QuickBooks Specialized Issue With QuickBooks Support


The world, since ages, totally sharpened the business workmanship to supplant most settled examples of cooperating. The colleague of QuickBooks with the accounting scene has totally disturbed accounting endeavors by a technique for offering an unrivaled course through which customers can without quite a bit of an extent keep records, upgrade costs, send requesting and much to meet current business requirements.

QuickBooks accounting programming is addressing itself as the most noticeable reserve manager that is managing your money and furthermore time by methods for giving cloud-based data storeroom so you can get to your data from wherever you require effortlessly. That suggests you are not endeavoring to go to the working environment to check records to get an idea with respect to your own specific case, nor need to contact your clerk to do in like manner. As soon you join QuickBooks, you will wind up being your own particular clerk and your business trades are the fundamental matter of sensitivity to you as proposed by experienced QuickBooks Support technicians.

Although, at QuickBooks, there are numerous benefits one of them is Online QuickBooks Support for all of its valuable clients to overcome that they will get any moment arrangement if any error emerges from them. On the off chance that you are subscribed to favor QuickBooks Support, you don’t need to feel such sort of things as these specific authorities are reliably there to safeguard you out. You ought to just get your phone and call them to get an entire guide inside and out. Various Intuit solution providers now overture remote QuickBooks Support and other equivalent sharing applications. This effect is immediate rectification on the part as three consultants can instantly examine the issues. There are multiple ways to avail QuickBooks Support, as Intuit Solutions Provider is always the best.

Our QuickBooks Support can make the business a level error-free enterprise. It is rated as the extreme excellent business accounting software. Any individual can try the QuickBooks for free which consist key features under it such as invoicing, billing inclusion of pay along with invoices so that they can acquire to start up their projects. The software system has the capacity to fine-tune almost anything within a short period of time. QuickBooks Support is a well-known service provider which modifies to fix up all the technical errors faced by the clients. Hence, for further information give us the call on our QuickBooks Support number usa @ 1-800-593-0163 or can drop us an email.

Upload Your Bank Transactions in QuickBooks | Call on QuickBooks Support Number 1-800-593-0163


You are connected to thousands of financial institutions with the help of QuickBooks, which facilitates you downloading bank transactions automatically. As soon as you are connected to first account via QuickBooks it typically downloads all transactions up to last 90 days. You can also export transactions from your bank and upload them into your QuickBooks Company, if QuickBooks doesn’t connect you to your bank or you need more of your transactions. This feature is referred as WebConnect by the banks in the US. To know more call at QuickBooks Support Number.

Steps to Upload Bank Transactions in QuickBooks

Step 1: Download your transactions from bank’s website

Make sure that if you are downloading a lot of transactions, you need to download smaller date ranges. Because QuickBooks Online only supports files sizes up to 350 KB (kilobytes).

a. Firstly, sign in your bank’s website and then follow the online process of your bank to download your transactions to your computer. If you are adding historical transactions for an account which is connected, specify a date range which is earlier than 90 days. Else, you might end up uploading duplicate transaction.

b. Choose one of the following supported file types – QuickBooks Online (QBO),Comma-Separated Values (CSV), Microsoft Money (OFX) or Quicken (QFX).

c. Note down the name of the file and the location where you are downloading it.

Step 2: Upload the file to QuickBooks

a. Click on banking present on the left menu.

b. After choosing banking present at the top, click on File Upload. Choose Upload transactions manually present at the bottom of your computer’s screen if you haven’t connected any account yet.

c. Click on Browse and choose the file which you have saved earlier in Step 1 and then click on Next.

d. Now from the QuickBooks account drop-down, choose the account to which you want to upload the bank data and click on Next. In case you don’t have an account set up yet, click on Add New and then add an account. In case of a CSV file you will be prompted to select columns from the CSV file matching the QuickBooks Online banking fields. Select Next when it’s done.

e. Select Finish, you will return to the Banking page. Now, start reviewing and accepting your bank transactions.

Need of uploading a bank file

• When your bank’s connections are not supported by QuickBooks Online.

• In case you need additional historical transactions, which are available at your bank’s website. Depending on your bank, QuickBooks Online downloads all transactions that took place in the last 90 days of when you connect your account to QuickBooks for the first time.

For further queries and assistance call on QuickBooks Support Number 1-800-593-0163

Best Solutions for Quickbooks Error 9995 | Call @ 1-800-593-0163


QuickBooks is a user- friendly accounting software, it is designed and developed to help peoples to leave the tiring work of accounting which takes a good quality time and human resources. Nevertheless, after providing such good features at times it ends up with some technical issues like corrupted, damaged file, installation issues etc. Sometimes users might face payment issues while making an online payment.

Quickbooks Error 9995 explains that the bank is no longer taking initiative in doing online banking with QuickBooks online. Occasionally this error even occurs when the bank is still connected with the software. There are two solutions if the bank is connected to the software and still users are unable to make the payment.

Below is the solutions provided by our QuickBooks Support teams:

  1. Users can try to manually update the software online account by following few guidelines.

• Select banking from the left menu.

• Click the update button in the upper right corner.

• Users can update their account by deleting the unnecessary account which is updated.

• Click Update Now.

• If a dialogue box appears saying enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials (it has to be done within 2 minutes of the appearances of the box)

• Click Continue Update

  1. Make sure that users can login to their online banking site with the URL provided by the bank.

After following the above two guidelines provided by our expert you can easily cope with your banking errors. On the off chance, if users are unable to resolve the payment issues they can communicate our QuickBooks Support toll-free number @ 1-800-593-0163 or can even chat with the expert who can guide you @ www.quickbookpayrollsupports.com.

Solve QuickBooks Error -6000, -77 with the Help of QuickBooks Support Number 1-800-593-0163


In this article you will learn what to do when this message occurs on your screen:

We’re sorry. QuickBooks encountered a problem. Error codes: (-6000, -77).

To know call QuickBooks Error Support, or try the following solutions.


With the help of .ND and .TLG configuration files you can access the company file(s) in a network or in multi-user mode in QuickBooks Desktop. Errors can occur while opening QuickBooks Desktop if these files are Corrupted or damaged. These files automatically recreated when you open the company file or scan the company files using QuickBooks Database Server Manager if you rename these files. Hence, no data loss can occur.

• Select the folder containing your company file.

• Default Location: C:\Users\Public\Public

Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

• Find files having the same file name as your company file but having .ND and .TLG extensions.

• For Example: company_file.qbw.nd, company_file.qbw.tlg

• Right-click on the .nd/.tlg file and choose Rename. After the file extension, add the word “.old” and press enter.

• For Example: company_file.qbw.nd.OLD, company_file.qbw.tlg.OLD


• On your desktop, right-click the QuickBooks icon

• Now, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then click on Run as Administrator. Until you have the No Company Open window, hold down the Ctrl key.

Please Note: To prevent QuickBooks Desktop from auto-opening a company file, hold down the Ctrl key.

• From the File menu, Select Open or Restore Company from the file menu

• Click on Open a company file

• Select Next.

• Select Network on the left pane and then navigate to the location of your company file.

Note: You may need to set folder permissions if you are unable to find the folder where the company file is saved.

• Click Open after selecting your company file.


• On your C: drive create a new folder,.

• Open the folder in which the company file is saved.

• Find the .qbw file.

• For example: company_file.qbw

• Right-click on the .qbw files and then click on Copy.

• Paste the file in the new folder.

• To share company files, set Windows access permissions.

• Now, open your QuickBooks Desktop and click-open the file saved in the new location.

If the above given solution doesn’t help in resolving Quickbooks error -6000,-77 in QuickBooks, then you can directly contact QuickBooks Error Support for help. To call us dial our toll free number 1-800-593-0163 or contact us via mail on info@quickbookpayrollsupports.com . To know more about us visit https://www.quickbookpayrollsupports.com

View Your Previous Bank Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks, Call on QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-800-593-0163

What is Bank Reconciliation?

To ensure the accuracy of financial data you need reconcile your bank statement. In order to reconcile bank statements, you need to match ever transaction carefully on the bank statement to the transactions recorded in your accounting records. With the help of QuickBooks, you can easily reconcile bank accounts and ensure that every dollar you spend is recorded and is reported by the bank consistently. To know more about Bank Reconciliation in QuickBooks call QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

What are Reconciliation Reports?

As soon as you finish reconciling accounts in QuickBooks it automatically generates a reconciliation report. The ending and the beginning balances are summarized and transactions are listed whether they are cleared when the accounts are reconciled. These reports are also used in the next month process of reconciliation.

How to view previous Bank Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks?

Previous reconciliation reports can be created with the help of which show that you reconciled an account for a previous reconciliation period. These reports can be used if you have issues in reconciliation troubleshooting or you are looking for account discrepancies.

Please Note:

With QuickBooks Desktop Premier, Accountant and Enterprise you get access of the last 120 Previous Reconciliation reports.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro only gives you the access of the last reconciliation report created. You can save it as PDF if you wish you keep a copy of other reports in your hard drive. You can also use other options such as upgrading to QuickBooks Premier of higher or exporting the report to Excel.

How to view the Previous Reconciliation report

• Select Banking and then click on Previous Reconciliation, from the QuickBooks reports menu.

• Select the appropriate Account and the Statement Ending Date in the Previous Reconciliation Report window

• Select the Type of Report.

• Select the type of transactions you want to include in the report.

Transactions which were cleared at the time of reconciliation

This report shows you what was reconciled and is a snapshot of your previous reconciliation.

This report opens as a PDF file.

If you want to print this report, click on the Print icon at the top of the PDF window. Also, you can right-click the report and then select Print.

If you want to save the report, click on the floppy disc icon. Also, make sure that you choose a location on your computer and assign an appropriate file name to the report.

Transactions are cleared and changes are made to those transactions.

Current state of each transaction which was cleared in your previous reconciliation for this account can be seen in this report.

Transactions that have been deleted or assigned to another account which are no longer available can be seen.

You can then print, modify, or export the information in this report and use it in other programs, such as Microsoft Excel. This report opens up as a QuickBooks report.

• Click on Display.

To know more call us at QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-800-593-0163