QuickBooks Payroll Support 2019 – 10 Tips for a Successful Installation and Upgrade


It can be easy to install the QuickBooks accounting software program, or even upgrade it. However, there are some issues that you might encounter in the way of doing so. Here are some easy tips from Quickbooks technical support personnel that will help you to have a smooth upgrade or installation of the QuickBooks platform.

  1. Avoid an installation in specific cases

On the days you have to do billing, run a payroll or carry out any intensive operation, it is important not to set up a new version of the QuickBooks 2011 platform. It is important to plan beforehand to ensure that all is in proper order.

  • Read all the important information

Ensure that you or any of your technical support personnel has gone through the Microsoft Office Compatibility information and the Computer Requirements. You do not require any surprises at anytime later.

  • Install it with a Standard User account

In case you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you need to install QuickBooks under the account of a Standard User. Do not install it under an Administrator account.

  • Get in touch with the developer

In case you use any of the 3rd party integrated applications, you need to get in touch with the software developer in case you have not already been contacted by the agency. You have to discuss about the update processes and compatibility of the applications to work with QuickBooks.

  • Contact technical support

You can also get Quickbooks payroll support and other types of assistance directly from technical support personnel for Quickbooks.

  • Complete your installation

In case you prefer to have the installation file downloaded from the web, know that when you save your Download Manager at any location of your preference, the real software is saved on the Computer Administrator’s desktop on operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7. Unless you complete your installation once the download is done, you have to sign into your Administrator account and have the program shifted to Public Downloads. Be a standard user while logging into the program to complete the installation.

  • Set up on the server

In case you are working in a system with multiple computers and users connected to each other, first install the QuickBooks program on the server. Then you can try setting it up on the other PCs.

  • Do not replace the version

In case you have a QuickBooks version already set up on your PC, remember never to click on the “Replace the version selected below” option while performing the installation. You should always set up the new version to a unique folder of its own, on a single computer or on the server – if applicable.

  • Recreate the QuickBooks data file

Before you update QuickBooks to its latest version, recreate the QuickBooks data file. You have to do this again after updating the program. You can get the “REBUILD Data” option under Utilities in the File menu.

  1. Make minimum two QuickBooks data file backups

After installing QuickBooks 2011 on ever PC, go to the Control Panel to remove the old version through un-installation.

For more information you can contact at QuickBooks Phone Number 1-800-593-0163

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QuickBooks support can assist you in keeping a perfect record of your important financial data. Best types of tools are needed to keep records and the procedure even gets simpler. As far as prompt and high class services are concerned, the wonderful choice is QuickBooks that available in the current’s market. There are different solutions available for keeping accounts for small to medium and big businesses; it confirms to be the greatest one. We are best QuickBooks Support staff available in the market and offering you high end services. If you want perfect data maintenance then you can trust on our services. We are providing:

Support for Report Generation

There are different reasons why you should choose our services. An important thing is that you can get some idea of the amount being paid with a seller in particular. After, QuickBooks can be utilized in the sales result tracking. The type of program available makes it very simple for inflowing sales receipts and invoices for your products and services.

Sales happening can be periodically checked by having the Sales by the created Client Summary function. Another advantage of using our QuickBooks Tech Support Number 1-800-593-0163 is sending receipts and invoices to customers. With the help of QuickBooks you can easily send invoices through email, and you have manually signed up for explanation known as Billing Solutions.

Support Fixed Asset Management and Mailing Services

Within the program itself the customer invoices can be electronically sent. These mailing services are provided by QuickBooks. Another choice that you can remember is opting to invoices print and then sending them through mail. Printing is even carefully checked by QuickBooks that is one more important feature that is most suitably provided in this specific program. Invoices, bills can be submitted and accordingly you can prefer to make all the necessary payments in singles or multiples by using the QuickBooks program.

It is a gentle wind recognizing assets that have to be devalued with this program in place. Entry for downgrading is formed by the Fixed Asset Manager of QuickBooks. As per for the accountant, the programs are effectively printed and for income tax returns filing, the data is used. Apart from this one more support service provided by our experts is generation of financial report. For business development, you can use lots of reports created through QuickBooks.

Support to Make Decisions Related to Business

To assist you make all the necessary decisions about your business, you can also have the customized financial reports for showing related information. The choice of bill payments by the automatic system is even feasible. To get the online services you and to have the scheduled payments, accordingly the account can be set up. It assists in confirming payments on time basis and management of cash flow.

Our highly effective and supportive program system even assists in proper business planning. With the help of our support services you can save enough time in creating and updating plans for businesses.

An Accountant Apps Program for QuickBooks would soon be Announced for Accounting Professionals!


In order to be efficient in managing applications, Intuit has come up with QuickBooks Accountant Apps program.

The applications which would be covered under the program are the ones recommended by individuals working in the accounting domain. Moreover, the apps are in sync with QuickBooks Online and can be used through the ‘Support single sign on’ option. If you are facing problems with payroll management, then you can contact the QuickBooks payroll support team right away.

As the company plans ahead to unveil the program, it would be meant for QuickBooks users who have been working in different regions of United States, Australia, and Canada.

According to the head of the Accountant’s segment, Per, Rich Preece, the program would surely be useful for professionals who have several years of experience in the accounting field. It would empower professionals to offer recommendations for selecting and implementing the applications in a much better way. Furthermore, the professionals can opt for preferred pricing for the applications that have been stated in the program. They would be able to make payments once they receive a consolidated bill at the end of every month.

As far as the applications are concerned, these include Circulus, Expensify, SOS Inventory, Excel Transaction Importer, Tsheets, ServiceM8, Method: CRM, and Float. People can also expect sessions pertaining to many more apps once the program commences. To know more about payroll integrations, you can connect with the expert by dialing the QuickBooks payroll support phone number.

There are many reasons why QuickBooks users should attend the program. The second-quarter fiscal 2019 results revealed that the delivered revenue was as much as $1165 million. This showed a 15 percent year-over-year gain and was slightly higher than the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1156 million. On the other hand, with SaaS-based QuickBooks and Online Tax applications, the company can foresee a growth opportunity in the SaaS market.

It’s evident that the company is winning because the subscriber growth rate for QuickBooks Online is 51 percent and the edition has been adopted by many organizations.

About QuickBooks Support

Since inception, QuickBooks Support has always been serving many people who need assistance for resolving software related issues. As the individual dials the helpline number, he can also seek help when he is concerned about generating reports, creating presentable invoices or transferring files to a different location. In case he is unable to manage payroll through the bookkeeping software, then he can get in touch with the QuickBooks payroll support Number @ 1-800-593-0163 team.

Since the experts are available round-the-clock, there’s nothing to worry about when a QuickBooks error occurs in the middle of the night. Assistance could be sought when the person is finding it tough to install the software on different computers. An online chat can help whenever the user wants to fix bugs instantly.

Solve QuickBooks Error -6000, -77 with the Help of QuickBooks Support Number 1-800-593-0163


In this article you will learn what to do when this message occurs on your screen:

We’re sorry. QuickBooks encountered a problem. Error codes: (-6000, -77).

To know call QuickBooks Error Support, or try the following solutions.


With the help of .ND and .TLG configuration files you can access the company file(s) in a network or in multi-user mode in QuickBooks Desktop. Errors can occur while opening QuickBooks Desktop if these files are Corrupted or damaged. These files automatically recreated when you open the company file or scan the company files using QuickBooks Database Server Manager if you rename these files. Hence, no data loss can occur.

• Select the folder containing your company file.

• Default Location: C:\Users\Public\Public

Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

• Find files having the same file name as your company file but having .ND and .TLG extensions.

• For Example: company_file.qbw.nd, company_file.qbw.tlg

• Right-click on the .nd/.tlg file and choose Rename. After the file extension, add the word “.old” and press enter.

• For Example: company_file.qbw.nd.OLD, company_file.qbw.tlg.OLD


• On your desktop, right-click the QuickBooks icon

• Now, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then click on Run as Administrator. Until you have the No Company Open window, hold down the Ctrl key.

Please Note: To prevent QuickBooks Desktop from auto-opening a company file, hold down the Ctrl key.

• From the File menu, Select Open or Restore Company from the file menu

• Click on Open a company file

• Select Next.

• Select Network on the left pane and then navigate to the location of your company file.

Note: You may need to set folder permissions if you are unable to find the folder where the company file is saved.

• Click Open after selecting your company file.


• On your C: drive create a new folder,.

• Open the folder in which the company file is saved.

• Find the .qbw file.

• For example: company_file.qbw

• Right-click on the .qbw files and then click on Copy.

• Paste the file in the new folder.

• To share company files, set Windows access permissions.

• Now, open your QuickBooks Desktop and click-open the file saved in the new location.

If the above given solution doesn’t help in resolving Quickbooks error -6000,-77 in QuickBooks, then you can directly contact QuickBooks Error Support for help. To call us dial our toll free number 1-800-593-0163 or contact us via mail on info@quickbookpayrollsupports.com . To know more about us visit https://www.quickbookpayrollsupports.com

Get QuickBooks Remote App Support at 1-800-593-0163


QuickBooks accounting software inbuilt many superior features to make accounting simple and one that is integrated with all the applications such as UNIX, Microsoft products, Linux and MAC. The system integration made it easy to retrieve data from all sources. All users cannot require input data manually as an application can easily retrieve from any source. Data is the need of all the businesses that’s why it is necessary to protect them online & on premise. QuickBooks application license permits users to save money because all new customers get discounts from the dealer. Dealers offer discounts on the every purchase of a new license for customers only. Customers save a sum of amount & with technical expert advice as tips to set up their business. A new release or updates of the product is quickly revised on the client system. Authorized dealers offer free learning methods to expand application knowledge of accounting with the free trial software version. The installation is fast on all sorts of devices, whether it is a laptop, mobile or personal computer system. QuickBooks apps on smart devices have the freedom for all users to learn anytime on their system.

How to do accounting management with QuickBooks:

QuickBooks software could be hosted on cloud & desktop in both ways, it’s up to enterprises what best fits to them. Desktop hosting is a legacy approach which is run by many enterprises. This method has high operating cost value owing to server maintenance, infrastructure & other IT costs, though; it is a secure and reliable source of hosting. It is understood safe by company owners as they have business controls for managing data & security while the cloud hosting is managed by hosting service providers for cloud users online. Well, Cloud is web based services that’s why it is important to fix the internet on your computer to access it anytime, from anywhere and on any device. Multiple users of the application may be Co partner of the real time system to work in sync with each other. A safe login access connects users of the graphical user interface & they solder collaborate to deliver projects. QuickBooks host on cloud server accounting solution provides freedom of access, flexibility & scalable solution to all its customers. QuickBooks accounting is the accounting solution that performs all the functionalities of accounting by making users a better accounting professional. This accounting solution is the first rate tool which is loaded with some great features on cloud services; hence so many organizations have changed their hosting from desktop to cloud.

The cloud QuickBooks host solution is trustworthy & quality services to access the best accounting tool via online mode. Cloud technology is safe, it maintains data protection & management guaranteed on a web server & only valid users have access to the web application. QuickBooks host cloud is a web based application that holds data on the web and it is encrypted. Cloud hosting is affordable for organizations & enterprises as it offers subscription services. Customers required paying for the monthly fee & availing the cloud hosting services until demand. It is easy to leave the web hosting because there is no contract to sign up. Hosting provider provides backups and full time support to clients.

QuickBooks Remote App

The QuickBooks remote app is a multiple user access system that means all the authorized users of the application may collaborate with the system simultaneously from all global corners. Cloud QuickBooks users should install the app of the application & can get connected to all time business updates.

Cloud is an affordable solution as it has sheer cost to operate the business while desktop hosting of the QuickBooks has a high operating cost, maintenance & different other costs which eventually become a costly solution. Security in the cloud is high and data management process is managed by cloud hosting experts. QuickBooks remote app maintained by hosting providers runs client data online on remote servers. They provide daily scheduled backups & checkups, bank level high security to client business, data recovery system & full time customer support services. Customers can call the technical support through the email, phone and web chat. QuickBooks Support Number services are available all time for you to dispose of issues related to usage you can contact at 1-800-593-0163.

quickbooks Technical Support Number

Get in Touch With QuickBooks Technical Support @ 1-800-593-0163

QuickBooks occurred to be one of the most reputable accounting software through which users can manage their accounting work. From that moment when QuickBooks came into existences, it reduced the burden of those who were working in finances and accounting field. Undeniably users come across some of the other technical issues while using the bookkeeping software. QuickBooks Technical Support Number has come up with one of the best usages for the customer and is quite reliable also. The technical support team provides the best services to their client by giving them accurate output and swift result. Our main duty is to resolve all the errors which our users are facing while using the accounting software. QuickBooks support has always worked in a friendly way so that users can easily solve their queries easily and without any hesitation. The support team is certainly available at our toll-free number @ 1-800-593-0163 which remains available 24×7 for the services of their clients.

The reason behind 24×7 service is that our users can contact the technician as per their need and demand and secondly no one knows when our users might need any help. Through QuickBooks Support Phone number we try to provide the best service to our users so that they can work properly on the software. Every support team has maintained some of the other reputable but QuickBooks Support tech team has made a unique stand in the market and to maintain that place our support team work day and night to help our users in resolving their problems.

Getting connected to us won’t be a wrong choice for any of our users and they might be able to come up to us with a sad face and lots of problems but would end up with a smiling face and would be relaxed. Users don’t have to pay a single penny for our technician for solving any of their doubt, errors, and problems which they face while working with the software.

QuickBooks Support contact number is always available around the clock and we have a professional technician who is always ready to help and guide our users as per their need and demand. Talking to our customer would help users in landing to a comfort zone where there all doubts are clear, our expert would even guide you in increasing your business as in which features one should use and how to grow their business in the market. The QuickBooks Technical support number 1-800-593-0163 would never let their users be down.

how to resolve QuickBooks error 3371

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QuickBooks is a well-known accounting software which helps people to make their work easy but sometimes you face some common errors while activation the software first time and Quickbooks error 3371 is one of that. So in this article, I will help you to find the best and easy solution to get rid of this error and if you have any problem after that feel free to comment us or call us for the best support.

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QuickBooks users are well-aware about QuickBooks TLS 1.2 error problems after TLS (Transport Layer Security) updates, however, new users to Quickbooks might not have this knowledge. In mid of 2017, the accounting software has stopped supporting TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 settings. Now it only requires and supports TLS 1.2 settings of Internet Explorer. For other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome, this doesn’t impact any changes.

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