To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6177 |Call @ 1-800-593-0163

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

QuickBooks happens to be a popular and highly effective accounting software program. However, like any other program there can be various errors in the software due to firewall problems, failure in the setup of the software program, using an old version of QuickBooks, documents going corrupt, networking troubles or more. In case of QuickBooks Error 6177, a pop-up message is displayed while trying to access the file from a local destination. For anyone who is looking for solutions to Quickbooks Error 6177, immediate assistance is required. Here is how this error can be resolved.

First Solution – Update QuickBooks

Try moving a file on your local computer. Open up a company file. In case you get an error when you open the file, search a portable company file. Keep in mind that your QuickBooks should be updated on the newest release. Unless it is configured, add windows firewall ports. For people using QuickBooks, you have to open some ports. Switch hosting off in case it is on the PCs of the client. Make a new folder and try accessing data file from the destination. Move your folder to your local computer before attempting to access data. The folder containing the company file on the server computer should have complete access to a PC. The server PC having QuickBooks file should have complete access to the folders.

Second Solution – Set up QB file Doctor

Download the program QB file Doctor and install it in your system. This program will automatically spot and resolve the error. It can be an easy way to obtain QuickBooks support.

Third Solution – Manual Resolution

You can manually resolve the error without downloading and installing the QuickBooks file doctor. Delete the .nd (network descriptor) file from your PC with the company file that is located near to the QB desktop. Then, you need to have the QuickBooks Database Manager configured properly – so as to be able to have the company file scanned. Locate the company file in your Windows PC and check the Windows access permission.

Optional Solution

In case the entire application is located on the server, you can perform this task step by step. Switch the hosting off, and the switch it back on. Try opening the company file with a local path. Make a new folder. Copy your company file to the newly created folder. Now, open QB desktop again. From this new folder, try opening the company file. Open this file on the PC where the error message was displayed.

In case all these appear to be too difficult for you to handle, you can always opt for professional assistance by dialing 1-800-593-0163. An error support team can always help you in fixing the warning messages and error codes. A skilled technical support team with certified and experienced professionals can use deep understanding and knowledge to tackle all error situations, problems and codes. Efficient Technical and Consulting support providers for QuickBooks are responsive to all error fixing, so that clients do not face any issues any more.